Cheap Trick - Had To Make You Mine tab

From: Glen Norman Pavan 

artist:  Cheap Trick
title:  Had To Make You Mine
album:  Busted
key:  C
tuning:  standard  E A D G


I had to make you (Am)mine
(G)I've wasted all this (Am)time
(G)You know that I'm (F)so glad just
(G)to have your (C)love
I'm telling all the (Am)world
(Em)that you're my little (Am)girl
(G)You know I must (F)be mad 
just (G)to have your 

G---------------------------D--------2---5---------2----A--3-5-3---3---3-5-3-5---5-3E--------------------------- love
first verse
G--------2---5---------2-----------------------------------------------D--3-5-3---3---3-5-3-5---5-3----------------------2---5---------2-------A-------------------------------------------3-5-3---3---3-5-3-5---5-3--E---------------------------------------------------------------------- When I dream of you All my dreams come true You are my night my day I'm lost when you're away(D)Can you hear my heart it's calling you
G--------------------------D-------2-3-5---------2-3-5A---5-------------5---------E-------------------------- oh girl oh little girl
chorus second verse I thought you'd like to know you've heard this all before And even if I'm wrong I'm right where I belong Can't you hear my heart it's calling you prechorus bridge (F) (C) (F) repeat chorus to fade questions, comments, etc. to -I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5-string bass
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