Cheb Khaled – Ya Rayah tab

I know a lot of you folks have been looking for an accurate tab.
Here's one i got by ear, the rythm should go along with percussions (means somewhat fast!) :

------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|2-22-0-----------------0-2-0-320 -------------------------0--0---3-20---------|-------3-3-3320-00-2-3-----------3-2-2-22-2-0-------0-2-3--3--3-------30------|----------------------------------------------4-404---------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
When numbers are repeated or put together, that means you should play it fast, without pause. All numbers are between 0 and 4. For the rest of the song, it goes like that : Dm A Ya rayah .... tehya we twelli Gm C Chall ......... ghafilin kablik ou kabli Enjoy, and let us know what you think about it!
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