Chelsea Wolfe – Vex chords

Bb Dmancient purr
Bm G Bb Bmi swore off obsidian thoughts
Bb D Bm G Bband lay awake on broken glass
Bm Bbi bled out more than once
Dm G Bb Bmi drew the poison out
Bm Bb D Bm Gthe scavenger feeds in hum of low sea
Bb Bm Bbcast-off exuviae
Gm Bm Bbin fragility
Bm Bb Dm Bmi kept my head down and bit my tongue
G Bb Bmuntil i tasted love
D Bb D D Bb Gmrare form at the casement, for which i burn
Bm D Bb D(rare form)
Bm Dperfect psychosis
G Bb(for which i burn)
Bmnoiselessly whirrs
(the perfect psychosis)
Bm Dthen hear the reflections
G Bb(hear the reflections)
Bm Dthe words they demean
G Bb(then come destroyer
Bm Dthen come destroyer)
G Bbthen come the destroyer
Bm D(we’ll fight with claws and teeth)
G Bbthen we’ll fight with our claws & teeth
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