Cherry Lou - Manila Girl tab

Intro: F#-B-F#-C#-A#-F#
Flashing like lighting I canít believe it
My eyes wonít fail me
See Iím not loaded
Time rolled swiftly
And kept rocky rolly
Forget to open my eyes
On a bright moving girl
            B         F#
Manila girl, manila girl
            B         F#
Manila girl, manila girl
No walls gonna block you
Nobodyís gonna stop you
Your beat is movin steady
I dare you follow me
Verse: (Do cp verse)
I followed all rainbows
It took me all directions
I found me no gold
But for a pearl Iím stone-cold
Wind keeps on rollin
Sideways, frontways
Whatís your name anyway
(Repeat Refrain)
Ad lib: F# B-F#-B-F# C#-A-C#-A-A-B-C-C#
(Repeat Refrain) Title: Manila Girl Artist: Cherry Lou Tabbed By: CHARLIE EDSEL VALERA Mga tol madali lang to . . . madali lang naman ang pag strum Meron kasi akong CD na to kaya pag nakikinig ako eh sinsabayan ko Sa pagtugtod . . . just wanna say hi to my Batch at Holy Cross Lagangilang ung mga asteeg na mga tol at mga mhal . . . Siguro mga 90% correct tong tab na basta , , , For comments/suggestions email or also invite us through friendster or text 09214896664Ö
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