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Fork in the Road
Cherry Revision

e--------------------------------------|b--------------------------------------|g--------------------------------------|(play 2x)d-------6-------2--------9-------4-----|a-----6-------2--------9-------4-------|E---4-----0-0------0-7-----0-2---------| Thats the intro
There are two parts next, pick which one want to play, or if yourgoing solo I think it sounds best if you just play the intro insteadof one of these parts.(pre chorus)e-----------------|b-----------------|g-----------------|d----1--1/4--1----|a--2--------------| That?s the first partE-----------------|
e--9--7--6--7-----|b-----------------|g-----------------| play one till they sing "want to be found"d-----------------|a-----------------|E-----------------|
Next is the chords when they starts singing "What will happen?"(chorus)e--4---0---7---2--|b--4---0---7---2--|g--4---1---8---3--|d--6---2---9---4--|a--6---2---9---4--|E--4---0---7---2--|
Play that every time the say what will happen Play the intro or on of the pre chorus's for the time in between chorus's, only play the chorus chords when you hear them sing what will happen.
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