Chesney Kenny – When I Close My Eyes tab


Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 21:45:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Kyle8215 
Subject: CRD: When I Close My Eyes - Kenny Chesney

When I Close My Eyes
By:  Kenny Chesney

Key of C

There's so many things I didn't say
And even though it may be too late
       C			    G7
I want you to know I still love you so
Every car I meet looks like your car
Every movie I see you play the leading part
	  C		           G7
You're on my mind, can't leave you behind

	      C			   F
When I close my eyes you're all I see
	      C			   G
In the dark of night, you're in my dreams
		C		   F
Throughout the day, you're easy to find
	   C       G7		  C	  F
You're always there when I close my eyes

In my mind I know you're far away
But here in my heart nothing has changed
	  C		     G7
I'm still holding you like I used to
On a busy street, in a crowded room 
     F					  C
Whereever I go, it's just me and you together again
Girl it never ends

	F	   C	     G7		     C	    G7-C
Ending:  "you're always there, when I close my eyes"

I think this song in the key of B on the CD, but I find it easier to play it
in C.  Have Fun!

-Kyle Craven
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