Chet Atkins – Unknown tab

Chet Atkins
I have no idea the title so, whatever.  I'm sure you'll know where it's from.
Standard tuning.  You'll have to figure out the timing yourself.  With me it kind of 
natural to play.

e---5-4-5-7-5-4-5------4---4------------------|B----------------------4-7-----5-4-5-7--5-4-5-|G------------------4h5-5-------6-6-6-6--6-6-6-|D---7---7---7----------4-------7---7----7---7-|A 0---0---0---0-7--4h6-6-6---0---0---0----0---|E---------------------------------------------|
That's all I've learned. If you know the name of the song please email me at and please name it chet atkins so I know. Thanks and have fun!
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