Chevelle - The Red tab

This is a crappy song but I needed to learn it for my band to play b/c the birthday girl loves this song Standard tuningVerse and Intro Palm Mutede---------------------------------------------b---------------------------------------------g--6-6--8-6---0------------6-6-8-6---0-9-9-9-9d--6-6--8-6---0--2-2-2--0--6-6-8-6---0-9-9-9-9A--4-4--6-4---0--2-2-2--0--4-4-6-4---0-7-7-7-7E----------------0-0-0--0---------------------
The amount of times I put the fingering doesn't mean strum it that many times. You'll have to get the timing by listening to the song. Hope you enjoy.
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