Chixdiggit – Get Down tab

e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|--------9----7---------|D|---7----9----7---------|A|---7----7----5---------|E|---5-------------------| A5 E5 D5
Really short song. Listen to song for strumming and for the rest after "you can wear black here". [intro] A5 E5 D5 [song] D5 Get high A5 Get Down E5 It’s a rock show A5 D5 A5 D5 Not a head show here tonight D5 Don’t cry A5 You’ll drown E5 You can wear black here A5 D5 A5 D5 But there’s no cryin’ tonight A5 D5 A5 D5 Tonight A5 D5 A5 D5 Tonight A5 E5 D5 Tonight Email:
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