Chris And Thomas – Broken Chair chords

Capo 5th Fret 

Verses are Am F C C*... the C* you use your pinky and add the D string 3rd fret.
The chorus has three lines, the first two are the same ... C (Oooh) then Am F C C*.
The third line is C (Oooooh maybe it's ) F (time time) C (time, for) Am (anything 
at) F (all).... F (time time) C (time, to let it) Am (fall) F (where it) C (may)... then C*
Okay I'm not 100% about the last part but.... have fun.

Am F C C*You breathe, you learn, you lose.
Am F C C*You take, you break, you choose.
Am F C C*And as, you learn, and cry.
Am F C C*You do, your best, and try.
Am F C C*And as, the days, go by.
Am F C C*It makes you, wonder why.
Am F C C*You try so hard, so hard.
Am F C C*To mend what's bound to fall apart
C AmOoh maybe it's time
F C C*To let it go
C AmOoh maybe it's time
F C C*For taking it slow
C F COoh maybe it's time, time, time
Am FFor anything at all
C AmTime, time, time, to let it all fall
F C C*Where it may
***THE REST OF THE VERSES AND CHORUSES STAY THE SAME!!!***** And as, the world, goes on. You try, to walk, and sing along. And hope, some things, will stay. And every tune that you play. Ooh maybe it's time To let it go Ooh maybe it's time For taking it slow Ooh maybe it's time, time, time For anything at all Time, time, time, to let it all fall Where it may Ooh... Ooh... And as, your life, goes on. You deal with, what comes along. Some friends, they come, and stay. Some leave and, go their way. Ooh... Ooh...
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