Chris Bowater – Do Something New Lord tab

Do Something New Lord
Chris Bowater

Key: G
G            C
Do something new Lord
D/C         Bm7      Em
In my heart make a start
Em           C
Do something new Lord
D  C/D    D7    C/G G Am/G
Do some - thing new

Verse 1:
G E7       Am     D
I open up my heart
   D7(b9)         G
As much as can be known
  E7       Am    D
I open up my will
   D7(b9)           G
To conform to Yours alone

Verse 2:
I lay before Your feet
All my hopes and desires
Unreservedly submit
To what Your Spirit may require

Verse 3:
I only want to live
For Your pleasure now
I long to please You Father
Will you show me how
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