Chris Clouse – Walk Away chords

Song: Walk Away
Artist: Chris Clouse

I saw no one made a tab for this awesome song so i decided to do one. My first tab 
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Intro, verse, chorus: Am x3 (together fast) F (hold for awhile) 
C x3 (together fast) G (hold for awhile)(Intro x3)
(Verse) Walked away Could've been a little bit wiser Should've been a millionaire Could have held you a whole lot tighter Acted like I did not care I want to feel like I'm somewhere In the middle of this I want to feel like I'm not just slipping away (Chorus) So I walked away, walked away Because I heard you say that it'll never be the same I shoulda walked away, walked away The voice inside me shouts out loud The silence feels more silent now Walked away Walked away (Verse) Tried to step a little bit calmer Can't shock the passerbys These tingles within her vision A pushing child will never cry My pillow lies right inside this rushing ferris wheel I want to step up instead of spinning in place For the instrumental, not really sure but i play it with Am repaeatedly. Sorry guitarists! (Chorus)
Am CI often wonder what's the truth
Am FWhere not to go, what not to do
Am Dm ?So many days inside this carnival wheel
Am Ab (hold)So many ways you can move
CStill you're standing still
(Chorus x2) Coda: Repeat intro a few times before ending once with an intro played slow Additional Info: Official Website:
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