Chris Daughtry – Losing My Mind chords ver. 2

Some notes before you begin:
/ = legato slide
Be sure to include the slides up to the Ab when marked.

Also, for easiest chord progression, use these variations:

G Ab Bb5 G5 Fm Eb C5 Db5 E|x E|x E|x E|x E|x E|x E|x E|x
B|x B|x B|x B|x B|x B|x B|x B|x G|4 G|5 G|x G|x G|1 G|3 G|5 G|6 D|5 D|6 D|8 D|5 D|3 D|1 D|5 D|6 A|5 A|6 A|8 A|5 A|3 A|1 A|3 A|4 E|3 E|4 E|6 E|3 E|1 E|x E|x E|x No, the bar chords are not as tough as you think. AND YES, the difference between the G and G5 listed above IS SIGNIFICANT! That 4 to 5 slide on the G string is the characteristic top note that you hear on the recording that I know you're listening to. "Losing My Mind" DAUGHTRY-"Break the Spell" Intro: G/Ab Bb5 G/Ab G5 Verse I:
Ab Bb5 Ab G5Never thought a train going any place could've changed my life.
Ab Bb5 Ab G5 Never thought I'd say I could go insane, 'til I saw your eyes.
Fm G5And I had to take another look to know for sure.
G / Ab Bb5 G / Ab G5That you could be for real.
Ab Bb5 Ab G5You found an empty seat sitting next to me, and I asked your name,
Ab Bb Ab G5Where you're coming from, where you're headed to this Saturday?
Fm'Cause I'm gonna be out on the town
G5As long as you are going there with me.
G/Ab Bb5 G/Ab G5 Chorus:
FmYeah, my head keeps spinning,
Db5You've got me trippin'.
AbThere's something about the way you move,
EbYeah, every little single thing you do is like
Fm Db5One part angel and one part danger,
Bb5 C5 DbBut, oh, the kind of crazy I like;
G/Ab Bb5 G/Ab G5You've got me losing my mind.
Fm DbI'm losing my mind!
Verse II:
Ab Bb Ab G5It's getting hard to sleep, getting hard to think about much these days
Ab Ab G5'Cause everywhere I go, only thing I see is your glowing face.
Fm G5And the way you light up every room you walk into
G/Ab Bb G/Ab G5Just makes me want to scream.
[Chorus] Bridge:
Bb5 AbI can't understand why you got me so far gone.
Bb C5 Db5You're gonna have to lock me up before too long,
AbYou've got me losing my mind.
(If you have multiple guitars, improv above Ab or use the same pattern as in the intro if you want; try the higher end of the Eb Mixolydian or Db Lydian modes.) [Chorus] Outro:
G/Ab Bb5 G/Ab G5You've got me losing my mind!
Bb5 C5 Db5I'm losing my mi----i---nd!
My first tab, enjoy! More obscure love songs to come. Remember, have fun and sing with emotion--if she's crying by the end, you've done your job. :) -MusicalKren
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