Chris Daughtry – Losing My Mind tab

This is how he used to play it live (acoustic). Usually half step down but sounds even 
fine in standard tuning. by ChrisZiwes

here're the shapes listen to the Song to figure out the right timing

--0-0-00000-0000-0--|--0-0-00000-0000-0--|--1h2-22211-1111h2--|--2-2-22222-222222--|--0-0-00000-0000-0--|--x-x-xxxxx-xxxx-x--| << not the right pattern - just to get an idea of it!
--2-- --5--|--2-- --5--|--2-- --7--|--4-- --7--|--4-- --5--|--2-- --5--|
These are all chords you need have fun!
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