Chris Hendricks Band – Bring On The Rain chords

Bring on the Rain – Chris Hendricks Band

Standard Tuning - EADGBe

Bm   G     D   A x 2   

D/F# G

Bm G D ADrip Drop can you hear it coming down
Bm G D Aand I, don't think I can swim out of this one
Bm G D A There was a time when I called her mine
D/F# GBut she changed her mind
Bm G D ASwim hard, against the current now
Bm G D AFighting freedom just to be who I am
Bm G D AJohnny jumped head first into pretty
D/F# G AWhen he should have ran... away
D/F# G A B Bring on the Rain
D/F# G A B Bring on the mistakes
B D/F# But listen close when it strikes
G A B D/F# GYour window at night, cuz even the rain
Don't fall right.
Bm G D ATake your time, take pity on the rain
Bm G D ABecause, even life's gotta cry sometimes
Bm G D A She must be hurtin' to cause all that strife
F#m GGo and read between the lines
Bm G D APitter patter pains coming hard now and you
Bm G D AMake a moment before you make a choice
Bm G D AThe water's kind, though it makes you blind
D/F# G A Come on raise your voice... up
Chorus Bridge:
D A Don't take pity as you fall
Em G No don't you worry at all
D A Cadd9 Cadd9 Because it dissipates soon enough
D ACuz it gets heavy and then
Em GWatch it evaporate when
D A Cadd9 Dadd9The sun shines, even rain gets to jump again
D9 C9 x2rain gets to jump again...
D/F# GDon't fall right
D/F# GDon't fall right
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