Chris Rea – Who Do You Love chords

this is the first time i post chords here so please cut me some slack ))
corrections welcomed.

ok, the song starts with Hm (intro), then

Dhow does it feel
Hm (or you can play Hm7) now that you know
Gwhat makes it work
Em A how far it can go
Hmyour innocent dream
F#m didn`t know how to play
Gthe game that was needed
Em A and now I hear it say
Dwho do you love
Hmwho do you really love
Gwhat are you thinking of
Em Aat the end of the day
Hmwhat do you want
(Hm) what do you really want ...and the rest is the same! D xx0232 Hm x24432 (Hm7 x24232) G 355433 Em 022000 A 002220
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