Chris Rice – Untitled Hymn Come To Jesus tab

Other versions on the site don't include the "walk up" of chords and tend to leave holes 
the melody... this is just how I play it...

Capo 1

(chords relative to capo)

these are the chords i use; i finger pick as well to get a closer piano style sound

B C#m D# F# G#m B/Bb E--x----x----x----x----x---x-----x---------------------------|--x----x----x----x----x---x-----x---------------------------|--4----4----4----4----4---4-----4---------------------------|--4----4----4----4----4---4-----4---------------------------|--2----4----6----x----x---1-----2---------------------------|--x----x----x----2----4---x-----0---------------------------|
B C#m D# Weak and wounded sinner, F# G#m B/Bb Lost and left to die, C#m E F# O, raise your head for Love is passing by, B Come to Jesus, E Come to Jesus, B F# B Come to Jesus and live, B C#m D# Now your burden's lifted, F# G#m B/Bb And carried far away, C#m E F# And precious blood has washed away the stain... so B Sing to Jesus , E Sing to Jesus , B F# B Sing to Jesus and live, (Same progression, move to the key of C) watch the strings you pluck, or it'll kind of sound werid... in the chord changes, you can just slide up the neck and keep your fingers in pretty much the same position during these 2 verses
C D E G Am7 G/B Dm F---0--x--x--3--3--3---1--0-----------------------------------|---1--3--5--3--3--3---3--1-----------------------------------|---0--0--5--0--0--0---2--2-----------------------------------|---2--x--x--0--2--0---0--3-----------------------------------|---3--5--7--x--0--2---x--x-----------------------------------|---x--x--x--3--x--x---x--x-----------------------------------|
C D E And like a newborn baby, G Am7 G/B Don't be afraid to crawl, Dm F G And remember when you walk sometimes we fall... so C Fall on Jesus, F Fall on Jesus, C G C Fall on Jesus and live, C D E Sometimes the way is lonely, G Am7 G/B And steep and filled with pain, Dm F G So if your sky is dark and pours the rain... then C Cry to Jesus, F Cry to Jesus, C G C Cry to Jesus and live, (Same progression, move to the key of D)
D2 D/E D/F# Asus2 Bm7 A/C# Em7 (G is same as 2nd chorus...)---0-- 0----0---------0----0----0-----3----------|---3---3----3---------3----3----3-----3----------|---2---2----2---------2----2----2-----0----------|---0---2----4---------2----0----0-----2----------|---x---x----x---------0----2----4-----2----------|---x---x----x---------x----0----x-----0----------|
Asus2 D2 D/E D/F# O, and when the love spills over, Asus2 Bm7 A/C# And music fills the night, Em G Asus2 And when you can't contain your joy inside... then D2 Dance for Jesus, G Dance for Jesus, D2 Asus2 D Dance for Jesus and live, D2 D/E D/F# And with your final heartbeat, Asus2 Bm7 A/C# Kiss the world goodbye, Em G Asus2 Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory's side... and D2 Fly to Jesus, G Fly to Jesus, D2 Asus2 D Fly to Jesus and live, (X2) Have fun!
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