Chris Thile – Here And Heaven chords

From: The Goat Rodeo Sessions
By: Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile
Tabbed by: Dumky de Wilde

This is pretty easy if you want to play it in open G tuning (DADGAD), since the 
song is based around D5 If you want to play it in normal tuning you can use the following chords:
D5: xx023x / x577xx
G: 320033
F#m: 244222
F: 133211

The chords for the chorus are: D5 / G / D5 / F#m / D5 / F

If you play it in open G you can do the following:

D5 G D5 F#m D5 F D5 d|--0-------x-------0--------x------0--------x------0------------------------|A|--0-------x-------0--------x------0--------x------0------------------------|G|--2-------4-------2--------2------2--------2------2------------------------|D|--0-------5-------0--------4------0--------3------0------------------------|A|--0-------5-------0--------4------0--------3------0------------------------|D|--0-------5-------0--------4------0--------3------0------------------------|
*If you want you can leave the two top strings open all the time.
D5With a hammer and nails and a fear of failure we
are building a shed
D5Between here and heaven between the wait and the
wedding for as long as we both shall be dead to the world beyond the boys and the girls trying to keep us calm
D5We can practice our lines 'til we're deaf and blind
to ourselves to each other where it's
G D5 F#m D5 F D5Fall not winter spring not summer cool not cold
G D5 F#m D5And it's warm not hot have we all forgotten that
F D5we're getting old
With an arrow and bow and some seeds left to sow we are staking our claim On ground so fertile we forget who we've hurt along the way and reach out for a strange hand to hold someone strong but not bold enough to tear down the wall 'Cause we're not lost enough to find the stars aren't crossed why align them why fall hard not soft into Fall not winter spring not summer cool not cold Where it's warm not hot have we all forgotten that we're getting old
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