God Almighty chords with lyrics by Chris Tomlin - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Chris Tomlin – God Almighty chords

Capo 2

G D Em C

CLike the water's roar
GIs Your voice, O Lord
CThere is none before
DAnd none beside
CYou are set apart
GYou alone are God
CYour glory reaches far
From sky to sky Chorus
G C Em CHoly, Holy, Lord God Almighty
G C DEarly in the morning we will sing
G C Em CHoly, Holy, we bow down before Thee
G C DAll Your children love to sing Your name
God Almighty
CYou're the breath of life
GYou're the God on high
CYour song shall rise
DAnd never pass away
CO, Your Majesty
GEvermore shall be
CThe earth, the skies, the sea
DShall bring You praise
G CAnd I hide my eyes
Em GWith my face to the ground
C G D GIn the presence of Your Majesty
G CAnd I clap my hands
Em GAnd I lay my crowns
C G D GIn the presence of Your Majesty
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