Chris Tomlin – Let God Arise tab

Let God Arise
Chris Tomlin
God of This City


Capo 4(G)

INTRO:E |-----------------------------------------------|B |-----------------------------------------------|G |-----------------------------------------------|D |---------7-7-7-7------------4-4-4-4------------|A |-----------------------------------------------|E |--7-7-7-------------7-7-7----------------------|
INTRO: G C G C G C G C VERSE 1: G Let the ho-ly roar of God resound, Watch the waters part before us now. Em Come and see what He has done for us D Tell the world of His great love, CHANNEL: C Em D Our God is a God who saves. C Em D Our God is a God who saves. CHORUS: G C/G Let God arise, Let God arise. G7 Our God reigns now and forever, C/G He reigns now and forever. 1st time: G7 C G7 C VERSE 2: G And His enemies will run for sure And the church will stand, She will endure Em 'Cause He holds the keys of life, our Lord, D Death has no sting, no final word (REPEAT CHANNEL) (REPEAT CHORUS TWICE) C Em D C Em D (REPEAT CHANNEL THREE TIMES) (REPEAT CHORUS) G C G C G C G C G
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