Chris Tomlin – Love chords

Capo 1


C F When our hope is hard to find
C FAnd our faith is in decline
AmWe need a cause to
G Cstand behind – love
C FWe all want the way it feels
C FTime it comes and time it steals
Am G CWhat remains, what is real - love
F There is love
GThere is forgiveness
F GThere is love in times of need
FWhen life is cold
GThere is a promise
Am FYou will never go without...
CThere is love
CIt heals the sick
FComforts the weak
CBreaks the proud
FRaises the meek
Am GIn this life no guarantees...
CThere is love
Am FLove is the answer
Am FLove will find a way
Am FWhen we love one another
C GIt's a brighter day
C FO-kwa-ga-la-kwe,
Ku-singa-byoo-na, Bwe-twa-ga-la-na-o-lu- na-ku-lu-suu-fu
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