Chris Tomlin – Glory In The Highest chords

Key: CCapo: none
C: X32010 G/B: X20030 C/A: 002013 F7: X33210 Am7: 002010 G: 320033 F/D: XX0211 F2/A: X03213 VERSE 1 CHORUS 1 VERSE 2 CHORUS 1 BRIDGE CHORUS 2 (X2) ENDING (WITH CHORUS 2) VERSE 1:
C G/B You are the first, You go before
C/A F7 You are the last, Lord You're the encore
C G/B Your name's in lights for all to see
C/A F7 The starry host declare Your glory
F7 GGlory in the highest
Am7 GGlory in the highest
F/D C/E F7Glory in the highest
C G/B Apart from You there is no God
C/A F9 Light of the world, the bright and morning star
C G/B Your name will shine for all to see
C/A F7 You are the one, You are my glory
G Am7 F7 And no one else could ever compare to You, Lord
G Am7 F7 All the earth together declare
F7 C F7Glory in the highest
C F7Glory in the highest
C F7 C F7Glory in the highest to You Lord
CAll the earth will sing Your praise
F7The moon and stars, the sun and rain
CEvery nation will proclaim
F2/AThat You are God and You will reign
CGlory, glory Hallelujah
F7Glory, glory to You Lord
C F7 CGlory, glory Hallelujah, Hallelujah
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