Thank You God For Saving Me chords with lyrics by Chris Tomlin - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Chris Tomlin – Thank You God For Saving Me chords

Capo 2 

Intro- E, A2

Verse 1

A2. EWhat can I give to you
B C#mWhat can I offer to the king
A2 E For all the love you've shown
B C#mFor all your mercy over me
A2 EI called your name, you heard my cry
A2. C#mOut of the grave, and into life
A2 EMy heart is yours, my soul is free
E. B E Thank you God for saving me
Intro chords- E, A2 Verse 2
A2 E The rock of salvation
B. C#mMy hope is built on nothing less
A2. EMorning by morning
B. C#mHow great is your faithfulness
E. A2You have your life upon the cross
EYou suffered once for all
A2You made a way
E. A2Jesus in victory you rose
EYou made us all your own
A2Now we are saved
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