Chris Tomlin – Captured chords

E I heard Your echo in the canyon,
B upon the timberline
E B A/F# You said these mountains were Your invention
A E And so was this heart of mine
EI heard You whisper on the water,
Bthere on the mighty sea
E B A/F#You spoke of love deep as the ocean
A EWhen You spoke of Your love for me
A E I am loved by the Father
A/F# B I am loved by the Son
A E A It is love that has captured
D A/C# E The heart of this wayward one
EI heard Your laughter in the sunrise,
Bamidst the morning birds
E B A/F#A song of freedom for all to hear it
A E And You sang me every word
EI heard You singing in the silence,
Ba simple melody
E B A/F#Words of love, O I can hear it
A EMy Father is very fond of me
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