Chrisette Michele - Blame It On Me chords

Artist: Chrisette Michele
Title: "Blame it on Me"
Album: Epiphany
Chords by: Kiva "krsJosiah"



Verse 1
E B Sometimes you can work it out. Sometimes you can't.
A AmSometimes you're forced to watch everything fall apart, its out of your hands
E BSometimes leaving is easy and sometimes it aint
A AmSometimes it hurts to know the lovin' you had is slowly fading away.
E B A E B AYou can say whatever you like. As long as we just say goodbye.
E BBlame it on me. Say its my fault.
A Am Say that I left you outside in the cold with a broken heart.
E B I really don't care. No I aint crying no more.
A Am Say I'm a liar a cheater say anything that you want, as long as its over.
Verse 2
E BI aint a quitter I just aint the type.
A AmI tried to see it through, I tried to make it to the finishing line.
E BOh you thought it was meant to be. Well I admit so did I.
AEvery once in a while you think you figured it out.
AmSometimes you're not right.
E B A E B A You can say whatever you like. As long as we just say goodbye.
Chorus Bridge
G Am Yes I love you but I really gotta lose you
GFreedoms where I wanna be
AmYes I'll probably always love you but I'm movin'
E (flows into chorus)I gotta do this for me
Chorus Hope it helps. Enjoy :)
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