Christ For The Nations – Glorify Our King chords

Song   : Glorify Our King
Artist : Christ For The Nations
Album  : Perfect Love
Key    : F
Standard EADGBe tuning

Dm    F/A    Bb    Gm

Verse 1
Dm FPurified by the blood that You gave, Our hearts are beating
Dm FTo be a bride that's reflecting Your Name, Your Church unfailing
Bb/G F/A CWe are, We are holding on
Bb F/A CTo the promise of the risen Son
Bb F CWe will shout the glory of Your Name
Bb F CProclaim forever You are our King
Dm Dm/BbWith our hands raised high
F CEmpowered as one voice
Gm Bb CDeclaring all You are , declaring all You are
Verse 2 Found in love wrapped with mercy and grace Our hearts are burning To bring the lost to Your Father's embrace His love unending Bridge
Dm BbGlory to the Lord of Lords
GmGlory to the One enthroned
C Your Name is worthy to be glorified
Bridge 2
Gm F/AGlory to the Lord of Lords
BbGlory to the One enthroned
CYour Name is worthy to be glorified
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