Christian Bautista – If Ever Youre In My Arms Again tab

If Ever You're In My Arms Again by Christian Bautista

    D  G  D (2x)

Verse 1:
It all came so easy, all the loving you gave me
     G     D                      D
The fee--lings we shared, and I still can remember
                                  G   D
How your touch was so tender, it told me you cared

1st Refrain:
C         CM7       FM7  F6
We had a once in a life-time
       Dm           Am     C           G
But I just couldn’t see, until it was gone
C         CM7        FM7  F6          Dm          Am
A second once in a life-time, may be too much to ask    
        C           G  G  A7
But I swear from now on

D  D    F#        C    A     A   G  F#m7
If e---ver you’re in my arms a--gain
      Bm7       Em7          A7sus  A7
This time I’ll love you much better
D  D   F#         G      A   A   G  F#m7
If e---ver you’re in my arms a--gain
      Bm7       Em7   
This time I’ll hold you forever
A7sus       A7        D
This time will never end…

Verse 2:
I see it clearly

How I still need you near me
I still love you so
There’s something between us

That won’t ever leave us
There’s no letting go

2nd Refrain:(same as 1st Refrain)
We had a once in a lifetime
But I just didn’t know it
Till my life fell apart
A second once in a lifetime
Isn’t too much to ask
‘Cause I swear from the heart

(Repeat Chorus except last word)
    Bm  Bm6

Played it by ear but it sounds so close...I love this song and it's a great song...if it
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