Christian Death - Romeos Distress tab

e: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 19:15:25 EDT
From: Wiltrose 
Subject: c/christian_death/

song: romeo's distress
artist: christian death
transcriber: peter harris

bass intro for guitar (on low e and a)a---7777777---6---4444444---2---0000000----------------------------5555555---4---2222222---0-------------------------------------------e-----------------------------------------------------------4---2222222---0---------------------------------------------4444444--------------------------
guitar intro d---6-4-6----6-4-6----6-4-6
verse(for guitar)Ee---7b---7g---9d---9a---7e---x
E C# Burning crosses on a niggers lawn... C# E F# C# E F# conversions of the kingdom on fire
who's that moving...b----------11--11---12--12g---------9--9--9-10-10--10
Thats about it
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