Christofer Drew - Mr Funny Man chords

Capo 2nd fret
If your familiar to his music, you should know which strings to pluck.

Intro- G

G D C GHello Mr. Funny Man I've heard all your jokes
G D C G but the jokes on you if you don't know your jokes are getting old 'round here
G D C G Amthe moment you begin to try is when the humor dries up
D G And I's, I ain't laughing this time
G D C G It's a crystal clear circumstance that everyone's aware of
G D C G It's hard to give out chances when the probabilities against us
G D C G Am the moment you begin to try is when your prospects wither up
D GAnd I, yeah you ain't laughing this time
C D 3--2--0-- D Hello Mr.Funny Man you've hidden who you are my friend
C D 3--2--0 D You're medicated remedy, the cure for you're complexities
C D there's no need to be a phony man
C D cause then you'll just be a funny man
C D it's time to become a bigger man
C D and honestly man you're jokes just ain't that funny
Its all the same through the second verse. But at the end the chords are GCG Im Not sure if the D's after the 3--2--0 are right.
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