Christopher Hopper - Dance With Me chords

The little riff you hear throughout the song is a G: 3X0033 then a pull off on the 
high e to: 3X0032.If you play with it you can figure it out.
The rest of the chords are 
Cadd9:    X30033
Em7:       033033
D/F#:      200033

Intro G   C   G   C

G C G CDance with me, Won't you dance, dance with me
Em D/F# CCome now and dance, dance with me, holy spirit come now and
Em D/F# C (Hold)Dance with me.
G'Cause I want to dance with my lover, the maker of my soul,
Em CAnd fall helplessly, so I may know, the width of his grace, the depth of his love,
D/F# to know I found freedom, and strength from above.
G Em D/F#And I want to sleep, where his spirit lies, give praise to the one, who opened my eyes,
C Em D/F# CWhere would I be, and what would I do, if I had never come to dance with you.
G C G C (intro)
G C G C Em D/F# C Em D/F# C (chorus)
G C G C G Official Website:
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