Christy Moore – Viva La Quinta Brigada tab

 C              G                C
Ten years before I saw the light of morning
  C                         F
A comradeship of heroes was laid
     F                              G
From every corner of the world came sailing
    G     F             C
The Fifth International Brigade
They came to stand beside the Spanish people
To try and stem the rising fascist tide
Franco's allies were the powerful and wealthy
Frank Ryan's men came from the other side
Even the olives were bleeding
As the battle for Madrid it thundered on
Truth and love against the force of evil
Brotherhood against the fascist clan
C              F
Viva la Quinta Brigada
F                 G                     C
"No Pasaran", the pledge that made them fight
C                 C/B            Am
"Adelante" is the cry around the hillside
F          G             C
Let us all remember them tonight
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