Christy Moore – Black Is The Colour tab

        Am           F           G          Am
 verse1:black is the colour of my true loves hair
                     F           C      E7
        her lips are like some roses fair
                             F    C                E7
        she had the sweetest smile and the gentelest hands
                       F      G         Am
        and i love the ground whereon she stands

verse2:i love my love and well she knows
       i love the ground whereon she goes
       i wish the day it soon would come
       when she and i would be as one

verse3:i go to the clyde and i mourn and weep
       for satisfied i ne 'er can be
       i wrote her a letter just a few short lines 
       and suffer death a thousand times

verse4; repeat verse 1

hope you enjoy this
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