Christy Moore – Lawless chords

[Verse 1]

G C GHe was Lawless by name, Lawless by nature
G D G GHe was trouble right from the start
Am DHard as nails, runnin' wild through the streets
G DHe was breakin' his poor mother's heart
Am DNature played a trick on Lawless
G DAnd the humour of nature is cruel
G C GAnd he grew up as we all had expected him
G D GInto a dangerous fool
[Verse 2]
G C GHe was a hard man, a man for all seasons
G D G GHe was always out for a fight
Am DHe couldn't hold drink but still he'd get plastered
G DIn Clark's every Saturday night
Am DStrip to the vest and challenge the best
G DUntil the guards they were called to come fast
G C GAnd they'd lock him away for the rest of the day
G D GAnd let him out on the Sunday for mass
[Verse 3]
G C GOh one night he went down to the Ringsend Regatta
G D G GWhere he met up with the bould Dolly Platts
Am DShe wasn't exactly what you'd call beauty
G DBut she was the belle of her flats
Am DA whirlwind romance and Dolly took a flier
G DWith Lawless she would settle down
G C GAnd It was pure coincidence three months before
G D GThere was a yankee destroyer in town
[Verse 4]
G C GAnd the couple were blessed with one of god's miracles
G D G GBefore six months had elapsed
Am DDolly gave birth to a nine-pound black baby
G DAnd Lawless was fit to collapse
Am DShe swore she'd never been touched by another
G DAnd Lawless took her at her word
G C GAnd the neighbours all say, she's the spit of her father
G D Gand the cuckoo is a wonderful bird.'
[Verse 5]
G C GOh now Lawless stays in and looks after the family
G D G GWhile Dolly goes out for the night
Am DThe old gossips all say she's free in her ways
G DAnd its there evil rumours run rife
Am DWhen Lawless heard this he waited for Dolly
G DIn the bridge where the river runs low
G C GNoone will ever know what happened next
G D GBut Dolly drowned in the Dodder below
[Verse 6]
G C GSome say he's crazy and more say he's evil
G D G GEveryone says that he's mad
Am DNoone will defend him, he was no angel
G DBut I'll tell you he wasn't all bad
Am DThey've locked him away for the rest of his natural
G DNever again will he see
GDown the back of Ring's End
C GThere's a lonely child playing
G D GWhere the Liffey flows into the sea
GDown the back of Ring's End
C GThere's a lonely child playing
G D C C C C C GWhere the Liffey flows into the sea
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