Christy Nockels - Waiting Here For You chords version 1

Waiting Here for You
Christy Nockels
Capo 3 Key: Eb
Lyrics may not be right, song doesn't come out until March 2011

Verse 1:
C Am7 GIf faith can move the mountains, let the mountains move
C Am7 G F7 F We come with expectation, we are waiting here for you
C Am7 GWaiting here for you
Verse 2:
C Am7 G You’re the Lord of all creation, and still you know my heart
C Am7 G F7 F You’re the author of salvation, you’ve loved us from the start
C Dm7Waiting here for you, with our hands
Am7 G F7 FLifted hi - gh in praise
C Dm7It is you, we adore
Am7 G Am7 GSinging Al - le - lu - ia
C Am7 G C Am7 G Verse 3:
C Am7 G You are everything you’ve promised, your faithfulness is true
C Am7 G F7 F When we’re desperate for your presence, All we need is you
Chorus Bridge:
F Am7 GSinging Al-le-lu -ia 4x
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