Chuckanut Drive – Eight Days chords

Chuckanut Drive - Eight Days

A                   D                   Em

E|----- -----| E|-----2-----| E|----- -----|B|-----2-----| B|-----3-----| B|----- -----|G|-----2-----| G|-----2-----| G|-----1-----|D|-----2-----| D|----- -----| D|-----2-----|A|----- -----| A|----- -----| A|-----2-----|E|----- -----| E|----- -----| E|----- -----|
CHORUS: A D Eight days on the road Em On my own D Tonight it's for sure D There ain't nothing Em A That eight days on the road won't cure A So make way D I'm coming through Em I'm leaving you D And that is a fact Em A And honey, After eight days I ain't looking back. A I've been down Em I've been out D I've been north Em A And honey, I've been, And honey, I've been south. CHORUS: A D Eight day on the road Em I've got the lightest load D Nothing's ever been Em A I've been hangin', After eight days I don't see no end. A And these wheels D Make a lonesome sound Em As they hug the ground D Yeah, I'll admit, Em A That somehow, After eight days you get used to it. Hope you like it :)
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