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From: (Ryan)
Subject: Submission- Therapy? Church Of Noise
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 09:52:47 -0000

This is Therapy- Church of Noise. ( from their forthcoming album
Semi-detached )
This song will be released on the 2nd of March and I have tabbed it from a
live performance.


NOTE : Open this in Windows Write for best results!!!

This is transcribed from the live performance on TFI Friday ( 28/2/98) and
represents my interpretation only. This is strictly for educational purposes
and all copyright remains with Therapy?

-----Church of Noise------

x=palm muting

Riff 1

She knows... things that I don't know She goes... places I don't go Riff 2 A5 C5 G5 ( at 10th fret on 5th string ) Welcome to the church of NOISE!!! Repeat Riff 3 ( Bridge back to verse )
Repeat G5 chord with loads of muting. 7 Verse 2: This goes... way beyond beliefs Take this... far away from me Chorus: Middle Eight: ( I don't know the words but here are the chords ) G5 F#5 E5 A5 D5 G5 G5 F#5 E5 A5 D5 ( back to riff 1)
Solo:First Andy Kearns goes:( with loads of vibrato and noise )--------------8-8^----------8-8^--------------------|----------------------------------------------------|------5--5^----------5-5^---------------------------|----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------|
Then Martin McCarrick goes:----------------------------------------------------|--2///3///4///5///6///7///8///9///10///11///12------|--2///3///4///5///6///7///8///9///10///11///12------|--2///3///4///5///6///7///8///9///10///11///12------|--2///3///4///5///6///7///8///9///10///11///12------|----------------------------------------------------|
And then the chorus repeats to fade. ( Therapy? Church of Noise- transcribed by Ryan Shirlow - ryan at finman dot co dot uk )
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