Get Away chords with lyrics by Chvrches - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Chvrches – Get Away chords

Intro: Bb, Dm, C


Dm CI can barely see you, when I close my eyes
Dm Am Am7There's nothing left of you here, we had the time, we had the time.
Dm CThe things that we remember, but do not regret
Dm Am Am7They don't mean a thing here, we had the time, we had the time.
Dm7 AmI'll be your guide, so you can see, the other side and I will
Bb F CNever let you get away. Never let you get away.
Dm7 AmI'll hold your head, so you can see, crossing your heart and hoping
Bb F CTo never let you get away, never let you get away.
Repeat Intro -VERSE 2-
Dm CEverything you prayed for, is not overhead
Dm Am Am7No one else will save you, make up your mind, make up your mind.
Dm CTrust me when I tell you, we are on our own,
Dm Am Am7Overlap our fingers, and run through the pines, run through the pines.
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