Cinderella – Dont Know What You Got tab

idk if this is completely right but it sounds right
intro c/g/d
g                               d
i cant tell you baby what went wrong
g                                d                c
i cant make you feel what you felt so long ago, i let it show
g                                d
i cant give you back whats been hurt
g                                d                      c
hun, it's come and go and all thats left are the words, i cant let go

Em                    c
if we take some time think it over baby
Em                  c
take some time let me know 
Em      c      bm7
if you really wanna go
g                          d
dont know what you got til it's gone
g                           d
dont know what it is i did so wro-o-ong
c                           d
know i know what i've got it's just this song
c                           d
and it aint easy to get back takes so lo-o-ong

g                            d
i cant feel the things that caused you pain
g                            d                       c
i cant clear my heart of your love falls like rain, aint the same
g                    d
i hear you callin far away
g                             d                       c
tearing through my soul i just cant take another day, who's to blame

*****chorus repeats*******

do you wanna see me beggin baby
cant you give me just one more day
cant you see my hearts been draggin lately
i've been lookin for the words to say, oooooh yeah

*****chorus repeats*******
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