Citipointe Live – Once And For All chords

Once and for all by Citipointe Live
Hope is Erupting Album
100% correct :) (iam now working for the lead parts)

Verse 1:
Dm Am GWho can change the heart of nations
Dm Am GWho can shake these city walls
Dm Am GWho can rid this world of suffering
Verse 2: Who can heal the lame & crippled Who can raise one from the dead Who can bring forgiveness to the heart Pre Chorus:
G Am FOnly our God
GThe hope of all the world
G Am FJesus our God
GThe light of all the world
COnce and for all
Your love has triumphed
GOnce and for all
Your Kingdom reigns
AmOnce and for all
FYour love made a way
Salvation Bridge 1:
C G/BThis is our hearts cry
AmLet love rule in our lives
FFor those who don’t know You
CTo come home to Christ
Let love become our cause Every breath our freedom song With all we sing Your praise And bring glory to Your name
(Instrumental – C – G – Am – F)Bridge 2:
C GWe all shout holy
Am FWe give You all honour and glory LIVE
Hi Leviticus Band!!! Jello - drums Top, Ashley, Shary - Vocals Kim, Jeil - Guitars Lemuel - Bass Jeremiah - Keyboards BARADAG BOYS! YEAH! HOPE YOU LIKE IT! GOD BLESS US ALL!
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