City And Colour - Oh Sister tab version 2

Song: O' Sister
Artist: City and Colour
Album: Little Hell
Tabbed by: Dan Zangari

Heres a video of me playing it:

Chords (If you dont want to figure pick):

Chorus: Strum this part (But the blackness in your heart, wont last forever)
Back to picking No lyrics here, on the first time through, only play the slide part the first time, when you repeat, continue picking the Bm into the verse.
Verse Chorus Bridge Dallas hums ooos during this part and strums these chords:
Verse (Dallas sings O sister 4 times and plays the verse guitar part) End by picking out a Bm chord. Lyrics: Oh sister Whats wrong with your mind You used to be So strong and stable My sister What made you fall from grace Im sorry that I Was not there to catch you What have the demons done? What have the demons done? With the luminous light That once shined from your eyes What makes you feel so alone Was it the whispering ghosts That you feared the most But the blackness in your heart It wont, last forever I know its tearing you apart But its a storm you can weather Oh sister Those lines etched in your hands Theyre hardened and rough Like a roadmap of sorrow My sister There is a sadness on your face Youre like a motherless child Whos longing for comfort Whats running through your veins? Thats causing you such pain Does it have something to do With the pills, they gave, to you? What is eating at your soul Was it the whispering ghosts That left you out in the cold But the blackness in your heart Wont, last forever I know its tearing you apart But its a storm you can weather OOOs (x4) Oh sister My sister Oh sister My sister
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