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City And Colour – In The Water I Am Beautiful tab

This is "In The Water, I Am Beautiful" by City And Colour aka Dallas Green from 
PM with corrections etc. All guitars in DADGBe. All guitars acoustic steel. All the timings are 
lazy guesstimates. They're just to give you an idea.

Note: The fill of:|0--|-4-|--6
Is actually played on a second guitar on the album as you can hear a touch of chorus which isnt on the other guitar. But live Dallas plays both parts at once (may use pedals I dont know). Similarly this second guitar reappears at the end of the song called "Guitar 2." Intro:
|000000000------------------||000000000------------------||4444/6666-----0--------0---||4444/66664/555-4--4/555-4--||00000000055555--6-5555---6-||---------4/555---4/555-----| Repeat as many times as he plays it (I think twice but not so don't take as law.)
|4444/666600000000|4444/666644445555|00000000044445555|---------44445555 Keep playing through this he uses it a lot (but at some points he may with the intro riff, mainly after the chorus.)
|----------------||----------------||0000000000000000|5555444455552222|5555444455552222|5555444455552222(The second time he plays it palm muted like this):
|----------------| |----------------|
|0000000000000000 |5555444455552222 |5555444455552222 |5555444455552222 PM XXX XXXXXXX Or something. I can't really listen to the song right now so I may update it or if you correct it comment/PM me. Outro:
|---------||---------||000000000|222255555|222255555|222255555 He keeps playing this about 8 times or something and then ends on:
Guitar 2 (the chorus guitar) also harmonises (or something) with: |------
PM and comment please!
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