City And Colour - Weightless chords version 1

Tabbed by: Henry Garbett
Tunning: Standard

 Just a short basic tab for you, once you've got the chords its easy to get the patterns 
and accents on it. Enjoy

INtro:e|-5-5---0---5-5---0--0-1-----|B|-6-6---1---6-6---1--1-0-----|G|-7-7---2---7-7---2--0-0-----|D|-7-7---3---7-7---3--2-0-----|A|-5-5---3---5-5---3--3-2-----|E |-5-5---x---5-5---x--3-3----|
Versee|-5555--0~~-5555--0~~-5555--0~~-0-0--11-----|B|-6666--1~~-6666--1~~-6666--1~~-1-1--00-----|G|-7777--2~~-7777--2~~-7777--2~~-0-0--00-----|D|-7777--3~~-7777--3~~-7777--3~~-2-2--00-----|A|-5555--3~~-5555--3~~-5555--3~~-3-3--22-----|E |-5555--x~~-5555--x~~-5555--x~~-3-3--33----|
Then verse Chorus Solo (play the verse chords) End with the chorus Dead basic tab, dead easy to play though. hope you can manage with this much, you should be able to. peace
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