City And Colour – If I Should Go Before You chords

Em   Am   Em

Em AmIf I should go before you
D* AmWhen that long night comes
Em AmWe'll meet in the ever after
D* EmPlease don't follow me into the sun
Em AmIf you should cross the white light
D* Amand find yourself in the black
Em AmI'll be right there behind you
D* EmYou will have no need to look back
Am D*And when the night cries itself awake
Am D*Dying in the light of day
Am D*Our endless love will remain
Am D* Em Am EmUntil we meet a-gain
Em AmIf I should go before you
D* AmInto the great unknown
Em AmI'll leave my ghost right beside you
D* EmYou won't have to wait alone
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