City Harvest Church - Heart Of A Servant chords version 2

Title:Heart of a servant
Artist:City Harvest Church
Tab By: Johnuel
Date:March 2 2011
This is 100% Accurate 
This song is One Of My favorite Christian songs
Hope you Like it Godbless

G G7 D C9 Em Ame|-3--| e|-2--| e|-2--| e|-3--| e|-3--| e|-0--| B|-3--| B|-3--| B|-3--| B|-3--| B|-3--| B|-1--| G|-0--| G|-0--| G|-2--| G|-0--| G|-0--| G|-2--| D|-0--| D|-0--| D|-0--| D|-0--| D|-2--| D|-2--| A|-x--| A|-x--| A|-0--| A|-3--| A|-2--| A|-0--| E|-3--| E|-3--| E|-0--| E|-x--| E|-0--| E|-0--|
G G7 Standing in awe of your grace
C9Setting my feet in your ways
Em DEntering into your presence
C9 DTo behold you face to face
G G7God of all heaven and earth
C9Holding me in your embrace
Em DUnfailing love that surrounds me
C9 DOhÖ God I stand amazed
GMy Jesus, my lord
G7Youíre the love of my life
EmWherever you go
Wanna be by your side
C9No longer I
AmBut Christ living in me
C9 DServing you for all eternity
GMy eyes set on you
G7In this race that I run
EmNo longer my ways
DLet your will be done
C9Make me a servant
AmMy heart's ever true
C9Clinging to the cross
DIíll follow you
C9 G-Am-DIíll follow you
EnJoY Godbless
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