City Harvest Church – Through It All chords

Intro: G-D/F#-Emsus--C9--D (2x)


G D/F# EmsusYou are forever in my life
C9 D You see me through the season
G D/F# EmsusCover me with Your hands
C9 D And Lead me in Your righteousness
Bm C9And I look to You
Bm C9-DAnd I wait on You
G C9 I'll sing to You, Lord a hymn of love
D Emsus C9 DFor Your faithfulness to me
G C9 I'm carried in everlasting arms
D/F# G C9(pause)You'll never let me go
D(Pause) Through It all
Repeat Intro, Verse and Chorus.. Exit:
G D Em C9 Hallelujah....(4x)
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