City Harvest Church – Be With You chords

Couldnt find the chords for this song anywhere so i decided to figure out the 
chords by myself.. share with you :) beautiful song for QT

Be With You translated from Selalu Menyembahmu by Sendy Stepvina, 
Performed at City Harvest Church's 22nd Anniversary Celebrations. 


G Cm G Cm
Bm/ Em/ Am D

G Bm美好的救主
Savior of my soul
I confide in you
G Cmaj7你是隨時的幫助
Through all my darkest moment
Am7 D7主你賜的平安
In you I find my peace
Bm7 Em7勝過這世界
My comfort when I'm weak
Am D一生信靠你不怕任何風浪
I trust in You, through storm and raging sea
G Bm信實的天父
Faithful, You're my God
Dm G Cmaj7看顧我心靈使我能夠得堅固
You're the Glory and the Lifter of my head
Am7 D7你照亮我道路
Your light it fills my days
Bm7 Em7引導我的腳步
It leads me in Your ways
Am D我全部生命都願順服
Forever I surrender all to You
G Bm7我要永遠敬拜你
And I live to worship You
Em7 Dm G在我生命中你永遠都是唯一
My Jesus You're the only one for me
C D/C沒有人能夠取代你
Nothing will ever take Your place
Bm Em我親愛救主
My precious Savior
Am D有誰能夠叫我與你分離
Who can stand between my Lord and me
G Bm7我要不住敬拜你
Lord I live to honor You
Em7 Dm G願你永遠能喜悅我的生命
And I long to bring my life an offering
C D/C求你滿足
Take me higher
Bm Em我的渴慕
Draw me deeper
Am7 D7 G 願緊跟隨我救主
I give all to be with You
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