City Harvest Church – Because Of You chords ver. 2

C FBecause of You, I was born again
Dm7 G CBecause of You, I’m ransomed by Your grace
F EmBecause of You, my heart has found a home
Dm7 GA refuge of my soul
C FBecause of You, sins are washed away
Dm7 G CBecause of you, heaven knows my name
F EmBecause of You, I can live again
Dm7 G CYou’ve broken every chain
F C/EUnfailing love, so unreserved
F GYou gave Yourself on Calvary
F C/E Am7And now I stand forever free
Dm7 G CMy Savior rescued me
C FBecause of You, the weak say “I am strong”
Dm7 G CBecause of You, the broken have a song
F EmBecause of You, there’s no need to fear
Dm7 G CHope steadfast, ever sure
C Now heaven be open
FOur God is unshaken
C GWe worship Christ risen high above
CNow heaven be open
FAll kingdoms, all nations
C G CDeclare that you are God
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