Savior King chords with lyrics by City Harvest Church - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

City Harvest Church – Savior King chords

Capo 3rd

D Bm A7 DLet now the weak say I have strength
Em Bm A7 DBy the Spirit of power that raised Christ from the dead
Bm A7 DLet now the poor stand and confess
Em7 Bm A7 DOh my portion is in Him and I'm more than blessed
BmLet now our hearts burn with a flame
G D A7A fire consuming all for Your Son's holy Name
BmAnd with the heavens we declare
G Em A7You are our King
D BmWe love You Lord, we worship You
A7 DYou are our God, You alone are good (to verse 2: 1st time)
D BmYou asked Your Son to carry this
A7 DThe heavy cross, our weight of sin
D BmI love You Lord, I worship You
A7 DHope which was lost, now stands renewed
D BmI give my life to honour this
A7 DThe love of Christ, the Saviour King
Bm A7 DLet now Your church shine as the bride
Em Bm A7 DThat You saw in Your heart as You offered up Your life
Bm A2 DLet now the lost be welcomed home
Em Bm A7 DBy the saved and redeemed those adopted as Your own
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