City Harvest Church – The Time Has Come chords


Verse 1:
AFound love beyond all reason
A F#mYou gave Your life Your all for me
D AAnd called me Yours forever
ACaught in the mercy fallout
AI found hope found life
F#mFound all I need
D AYou're all I need
EThe time has come
F#m DTo stand for all we believe in
ESo I for one am gonna
F#m DGive my praise to You (Jesus)
AToday, Today it's all or nothing
F#mAll the way
DThe praise goes out to You
AYeah all the praise goes out to You
AToday, today I live for one thing
F#mTo give You praise
Din everything I do
Other: F#m D A Bridge:
F#mAll we are is Yours
BmAnd all we're living for
DIs all You are
A EIs all that You are Lord
A F#min everything I do;
D Ayeah, all the praise goes out to You
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