City Harvest Church – I Will Run To You chords

G C/G D/G GYour eye is on the sparrow
C/G D/F# Em Em/DAnd Your hand, it comforts me
F/C CFrom the ends of the Earth
D D/F# Gto the depth of my heart
C Am Dsus DLet Your mercy and strength be seen
C C/D G G/BYou call me to Your purpose
C D Em Em/DAs angels understand
F/C CFor Your glo - ry,
D D/F# Gmay You draw all men
G/B C D GAs Your love and grace demand
C/G D/G G D/F# B/D# EmAnd I will run to YOU, To Your words of truth
Am7 G/BNot by might, not by power
C A/C# DBut by the spir - it of God
G C/G D/G G D/F# B/D# EmYes I will run the race, 'Till I see Your face
Am7 G/B Dsus Gsus GOh let me live in the glory of Your grace
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